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The brand CV represents four decades of wine growing excellence from our estate, Continental Vineyards. This wine is highly allocated and only produced in exceptional vintage years.


Four Decades of
Wine Growing Excellence

2018 CV
Cabernet Sauvignon

Beginning with the nose: blackcurrants, pine needles, along with underlying oak spices paint the picture of international appeal. This cohesion of integrated flavors easily translates to a mouth feel full of blueberry sensations and silky tannins. Pairs exceptionally well with seared lamb.

2019 CV
Cabernet Franc

It is quite firm on the palate but the masses of spicy fruit and balancing oak compliment the grip nicely. The color is deep and intense reflecting the wine’s brooding nature. Bright natural acidity will ensure this wine ages for many years.

2020 CV
Red Blend

Packed with bright plum and cherry flavors and aromas of dried flowes. The balance of acid and tannin will ensure that this wine will age gracefully and slowly. This wine will pair nicely with roasted duck and a nice steak.

CV Reserve Club

The term CV refers to the original vineyard holdings on our estate, Continental Vineyards. This limited wine is only produced in exceptional vintage years.

This club runs two times per year in April and October
You will receive 3 bottles each shipment of the following wines:

CV Reserve Cabernet Sauvignonn
CV Reserve Cabernet Franc
CV Reserve Studium Red Blend

Club Benefits:
20% off every order
$.01 Shipping on every order
Customization Allowed
Gift with every club order

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