Grit and Grape

Our story begins at Continental Vineyards. A 2500-acre parcel of land quietly harboring stories of hard-working caballeros, cattle barons and grape growers whose dedication and vision shaped this place.

Originally named Rancho Tierra Rejada “Land of worked earth”, it is the determination of those who preceded us, and our care for this land that makes our wines unique. Our wines are a bold representations of the place where they were born. Crafted with minimal intervention to reflect the soil, fruit and character of this place.

The Land

Innovation in growing with a keen interest in sustaining the environment and promoting Paso Robles.


 We adopt a philosophy to provide wine that reflects the personality of where it is sustainably grown.


Protecting the land has always been at the forefront of how we manage our vineyard. We are proud to be a California Certified Sustainable Vineyard.

Part of Paso Robles

We are a customer-focused team proudly representing Paso Robles & committed to continuing to bolster the high-quality reputation of Paso Robles wines. Broken Earth Winery produces unique wines that are estate grown, harvested & bottled in Paso Robles.