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Our Wines

The wines of Broken Earth are made to accurately portray varietal defenition, purity of fruit and balance.  The palate must appear “seamless” and where more complex wines are intended, they must allow the layers of complexity to continually emerge as you familiarize yourself with the wine.

  • Club Price: $95 This mixed box of 2 whites and 2 reds, will grab the attention of the recipient and go perfectly with their holiday dinners. All wines have 91+point ratings with Wine Enthusiast and are sure to delight those who love great-tasting, high-scoring wines! This pack includes the following wines: 2020 Limited Release Vermentino - 93 pts 2020 Limited Release Fiano - 92 pts 2019 Signature Series Cabernet Franc- 91 pts 2019 Signature Series Cabernet Sauvignon- 91 pts
  • Club Price: $80 A perfect gift for your white wine and rose lovers! This pack has a great variety of dry white wines that are crisp and refreshing to drink. Good for any season and any occasion and pair well with many different dishes. These four wines are definitely fan-favorites! This pack includes the following wines: 2020 Limited Release Albarino 2020 Limited Release Grenache Blanc 2020 Signature Series Chardonnay 2021 Signature Series Rose
  • Club Price: $75 Gift it to that special someone to make their holiday bright and their New Years' celebration even brighter! These wines were put through Méthode Champenoise which is the process used to create the famous wines of the Champagne region in France. They are lively and vibrant, crisp and refreshing, bubbly and amazing! This package contains the following: 2018 Sotto Voce Sparkling Albarino 2018 Sotto Voce Sparkling Verdelho 2018 Sotto Voce Sparkling Rose
  • Club Price: $110 This is a perfect gift for the Rhône lover, or someone looking to expand their wine palate. These historically Old World style of wines have found a perfect home here in Paso Robles. Our terrior brings unique characteristics to the wines and this package showcases these beautifully. This package contains the following: 2020 Limited Release Grenache Blanc 2016 Limited Release Grenache 2016 Limited Release Syrah Viognier 2016 Limited Release Syrah
  • Club Price: $115 The brand CV represents four decades of wine-growing excellence from our estate, Continental Vineyards. CV wine is highly allocated and only produced in exceptional vintage years. This pack is sure to be a very special gift that won't disappoint anyone that loves amazing Cabernets! This package contains the following: 2018 CV Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 CV Reserve Cabernet Franc CV Corkscrew
  • Club Price: $110 There is a reason Bordeaux wines are some of the most highly rated wines in the world. They are delicious, structured, and complex. We are very fortunate here to be able to produce Bordeaux varietals that rival those of the Old World. This combination will captivate wine lovers old and new. This package comes with 1 bottle each of the following: 2019 Signature Series Cabernet Sauvignon 91pt* 2019 Signature Series Cabernet Franc 92 pt* 2019 Limited Release Malbec 2019 Signature Series Merlot *Scores from Wine Enthusiast
  • This variety originates from the south west of France in the region of Madiran, part of historical Basque territory. Typically it is blended with Cabernet Franc in the wines labeled Madiran. More recently it has become the preferred red grape for the country of Uruguay and has gained international acclaim. Our Estate vineyards added Tannat as a variety in 2012. Block 1N consists of 5 acres of vines planted on 10’ x 5’ spacings utilizing simple vertical shoot positioning (VSP) for canopy management. It is a prolific growing variety and we strive to keep yields below 4 tons/acre to ensure depth and concentration of flavours. As a variety, it exhibits very deep colour with bright, black berry fruits and considerable tannin. The real trick is to manage those tannins to provide a seamless flow through the palate. The 2019vintage provided the right conditions to meet our expectations. The resulting wine was harvested quite ripe at 26 Brix and the ferment was conducted at a cool 60F. This ensures the more delicate aromas and flavours persist. It only spent 6 months in second use French oak barriques to add supporting texture rather than dominate the wine. Download Tasting Notes
  • This wine is a native variety of Spain where it forms the backbone of the famous Rioja region in the north of the country. It is also grown in Portugal where it is known as Tinta Roriz and is utilised as one of the predominant varieties used in the production of Port. It’s name is a derivative of early in Spanish and it reflects its early ripening capabilities. Broken Earth had some of the very early plantings of this variety in Paso and, although it was a tiny block, it encouraged us to plant much more in 2016. Block 5J is 15.09 acres of Clone 770 planted on 10’ x 5’ spacings and utilising simple vertical shoot position (VSP) for canopy management. It is an active growing variety, as mentioned has the benefit of ripening earlier and provides a plush, ‘fleshy’ palate but with ample tannins to balance the fruit. The wine is quite aromatic and warrants a more obvious oak regime which utilises mostly new and some used barrels, with a mixture of French and Hybrid (French oak heads and American oak staves). Harvested at 24.5 Brix, and following a cool ferment, it spent 15 months in oak. The result is a wine that immediately captures your attention. Download Tasting Notes
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    All-time favorites, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon, this Signature Series trio will not disappoint! Wines that go with any season and a harvest seasoning to cook with this Fall! Our Chardonnay has some toasted and vanilla notes yet is crisp and refreshing. The Merlot is a fan favorite with hints of coffee, toffee, and bitter dark chocolate. To finish it off our Broken Earth Cabernet Sauvignon comes in with a 91 score from Wine Enthusiast, this wine has aromas of Maraschino cherries and a nice tannic mouthfeel with notes of chocolate, and cherries!
  • Fruit was handpicked and delivered to the winery where it was crushed and inoculated that same day with Clos yeast. Pump overs were done twice a day throughout the ferment. Alcoholic fermentation finished and the tank was pressed off skins.  Malolactic fermentation began and the wine was transferred to 50% French oak barrels and 50% Hybrid oak barrels. Malolactic fermentation continued until January 2021. The wine stayed in barrel until June 2021 and then filtration was performed and the wine was bottled. The decision was made to bottle the wine early after sensory evaluation. The wine had come together so well and retained all of the primary fruit characters associated with the variety that further aging was deemed not necessary.
  • This varietal is native to Italy, predominantly in Campania and Sicily as it prefers a warmer climate. It carries its own DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata Garantita) rating as FianodiAvellino in Campania. This is a fascinating variety in that offers some powerful aromatics both through ferment and in to bottle. The levels of tropical fruit aromas and flavours is extraordinary and with careful canopy management, loves the climate at our vineyard. Planted in 2016, Block 5M (2.51 acres) utilises at simple VSP (vertical shoot positioning) canopy and is planted on 10’ x 5’ spacings with 1103P rootstock and Clone 1 Fiano. Harvested at 23.1 Brix, the juice was fermented for 28 days at 57°F before being transferred to neutral white barrels to complete the ferment. This allows for a very gentle introduction of oxygen to further enhance the aromatics. The resulting wine has quite the presence. Its tropical flavours are supported by honey notes and some spice. The fruit dominates though, on both the nose and the palate. A touch of grip on the finish helps tie the fruit up nicely, it can be tricky trying to harness all characters. Surprisingly there is a hint of oak in the background which again ensures the complexity is focused. Currently the winemaking team’s favourite white, we are excited to see how the wines develop as the vineyard reaches maturity and its full potential. Download Tasting Notes
  • Grenache Blanc is a variety that is closely related to Grenache Noir, some believing it is, in fact, a mutation that occurred in Spain and eventually migrated to France. It is best known as a component for many Chateauneuf-du-Pape and Cotes du Rhone wines. In more recent times it has emerged as a stand alone variety and its versatility has resulted a broad array of styles. Our Grenache Blanc Block 2D-N (1.5 acres) was grafted onto original Merlot vines in the late90’s. It is a prolific vine with the potential for quite high yields and it tends to ripen later than some of the reds we harvest like Syrah and Grenache. This can be a bit tricky in the cellar but It’s fruit we are always keen to see. It was harvested on September 24th at 22 Brix and gently pressed and settled before fermentation at 58°F for 33 days. Again, cold fermentation was used to ensure all the delicate components remain with the wine. We do not utilize MLF or any oak with this wine, preferring to harness its unique fruit and textural characteristics. The variety’s texture plays an important role in that it adds eight to the mouthfeel without the expected higher alcohol associated with that complexity. At 12.01% alcohol it is one of those unique varieties that offers fruit ripeness not accompanied by elevated warmth on the palate. Download Tasting Notes


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